Optimal Logistics is a comprehensive international logistics operator, a member of the World Freight Alliance (WCA)


  • well-developed network of offices around the world;
  • Transportation by all types of transport (auto, sea, air, railway);
  • Strict compliance with the terms of the contract and the terms of international cargo transportation;
  • Control of all stages for international cargo transportation;
  • Optimal rates for the transportation of all cargo types;
  • Immutable cost of the agreed services;
  • Work only with trusted and reliable partners;
  • Responsibility for the cargo safety from the place of its collection to the place of delivery;
  • Customs clearance from 3 hours;
  • The best level of service and customer service;
  • Convenience and comfort of the Client due to the high technology of the Company.
International transportation is divided into:

  • General cargo/project cargo/oversized cargo
  • Combined cargo
  • Multimodal cargo
  • Air Transportation

We refer to General cargo as any cargo that uses an entire transport unit for transportation – a euro truck, container, tank, etc. The only exception is air transportation, which is carried out on the principle of consolidation of different cargo at the Departure Airport, loaded into an air vehicle and transported to the Destination Airport.

General cargo transportation is carried out from almost anywhere in the World, where transport routes are laid (including air ones), and is not limited to any geographical region. General cargo is transported by all types of transport (auto, sea, railway, air)

Road transport of General cargo

Road transport of General cargo is carried out by wheeled vehicles, which include:

  • Euro-trucks of various sizes and parameters, usually with a loading space from 40m3 to 120m3, and various types:
    • with awning trailers and semi-trailers;
    • with all-metal trailers and semi-trailers, including those with isothermal properties;
    • with refrigerated trailers and semi-trailers;
  • Container platforms – vehicles with a semi-trailer designed for the transport of containers;
  • Oversized platforms – vehicles with semi-trailers that transport large-sized loads.
Main directions of Road transport of General cargo: 
  • Countries of the Western and the Eastern Europe;
  • Scandinavian countries;
  • Countries of the Balkan Peninsula;
  • CIS countries

Main advantages:

  • Relatively inexpensive cost of delivery per unit of cargo-tons, cubic meters, etc.;
  • Optimal delivery times, usually not exceeding 14-20 calendar days;
  • The geographical location of the countries from which the cargo is planned to be delivered;
  • Ease of transportation organization, due to the sufficient market offers of road transport services, often exceeding the demand

Multimodal container transportation

Multimodal transportation includes any transportation that uses several types (combinations) of cargo transportation. At the same time, the cargo is transported in a transport Container.

Containers, being a loading space, have different parameters and types, which include:  

  • Standard containers of 20 and 40 feet;
  • High – capacity containers-40 HC and 45 ft.;
  • Refrigerated Containers of various capacities;
  • Open-top containers;
  • \Container platforms;
  • Tank-containers for liquid cargo transportation

Due to the fact that multimodal transportation can be carried out by combining different types of transport, their geography significantly exceeds any other types of cargo transportation. Usually, when organizing multimodal transport, a combination of sea, rail and road transport is used. In rare cases multimodal transport includes air transport, which is usually used for high-speed delivery of cargo or delivery to remote geographical areas without other transport connection.

For the convenience of using multimodal transport, they distinguish the main "shoulder" of cargo transportation and the type of transport that is used in this case:ся:

Maritime multimodal transport is used for the delivery of goods from countries with an actively developed maritime communication system:

  • Countries of Southeast Asia, including China, Korea, Japan, etc.;
  • Countries of South and North America;
  • Middle Eastern countries

The cargo exit point includes the departure ports in the countries of cargo departure, and the entry point is the internal Russian port or port of the Baltic Republics and Finland:

  • Vladivostok;
  • Saint Petersburg;
  • Novorossiysk;
  • Riga;
  • Tallinn;
  • Klaipeda;
  • Kotka

We work with all these ports, so when organizing the multimodal sea transportation, we are primarily guided by your wishes regarding the terms and cost of cargo delivery.

Railway multimodal transport is used for the delivery of goods from countries with a developed railway transport infrastructure. Today, this applies more to China and Mongolia. From China, as one of Russia's largest trading partners, a significant part of the cargo is delivered by rail in combination with road delivery.

The exit point of railway transportation is the sending station in the countries of origin of goods, and entry point is an internal or cross-border railway station of the Russian Federation.

Optimal Logistics organizes cargo reception at the following stations:

  • Zabaikalskaya
  • Vorsino
  • Khovrino
  • Silikatnaya
  • Kupavna
  • Alabino
  • Ekaterinburg

As a rule, these are the most important logistics hubs through which goods from China are transported by rail.

Railway multimodal transportation differs from sea transportation by significantly better transit times, under the same conditions of cargo reliability and safety, since it is moved in the same way in Containers as in sea transportation.

Therefore, cargo delivery from China by rail is preferred by market participants who are guided by:

  • Relatively fast delivery times, not exceeding 25-35 days;
  • Low risks of insurance events.

  • Germany: Optima logistics. Genshagener Str.27, D-14974 Ludwigsfelde, Germany.
  • Italy: Vignate: Optima logistics Via Privata Cassanese 8/12, IT 20060 Vignate, Italy;
  • Verona: Optima logistics No. 2. Via Sommacampagna 22 / A, Blocco 2, Quadrante Europa Interporto, 37137 Verona, Italy
  • Lithuania (Vilnius) - general warehouse: Dariaus ir Girėno STR. 81 Vilnius Lithuania LT-02189
  • China (Shanghai) No.1, Renmintang road, Caolu county, Pudong new district, Shanghai
  • Turkey (Stumbul) Yeşilbayır Köyü, Deve Düzlüğü Mevkii, 5-6 Pafta 144 Ada-Hadımköy / ISTANBUL
  • Poland: SP. z o. o. SP. k. Sokołowska 10, 05-090 Raszyn, Poland
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